It is often said that the children who are good in Mathematics and Science have bright future ahead of them in the Science stream. They could pursue a career either in Medical, Engineering or any other allied fields. While that is true, it is to be understood that with the country producing lakhs of Engineers every year, opportunities to pursue suitable Engineering careers are shrinking. Then there is this process of qualitative analysis that the prospective recruiters put the candidates through. That is where the products of IITs, NIITs, Regional Engineering Colleges and other Private Engineering Colleges are made to compete.

Parents and guardians of the present day are concerned about the choice of career for their wards. But, they may be relieved to know the various options available. To begin with, they could pursue a career in finance. Actuarial Science, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics or even Chemistry could present a lucrative career. It will also help the candidates to find out their personality traits. Are they the persons of the people? Do they like to think or do things with their own hands? The candidates should take these traits into consideration before choosing the right career.

Apart from the college or the course, the internships that the candidates do and the additional skills that they acquire are equally, if not more, important. It always helps to think in advance and gather necessary information on one’s career. It may please be noted that while a degree from a recognized college or university augurs well for the future growth prospects of the candidates, there are innumerable instances where candidates from moderately competitive institutions have done wonders with their career. They are highly successful in life.

The bottom line is that persistence and determination of any candidate weighs him or her heavy at the ultimate analysis, where it matters the most.

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